How to Listen to Audio Books While Driving

Because I have a long commute (1+ hours), I use my time in the car to listen to audio books. This allows me to make use of that drive time that would otherwise be wasted in listening to the radio, cursing other drivers, etc. But there are a few things that I have learned that are absolutely essential to getting the most out of any audio book while driving:

  1. Be safe while listening to your audio book! You may have to actually concentrate on driving! I’m being funny here, but it’s no joke – watch your driving more than you listen to your audio book! There are enough distractions while driving. Don’t let your audio book become one of them. If you can’t concentrate on driving, then don’t listen to the audio book.
  2. Don’t think that you can listen to it once and “get it.” You will have to listen to your audio book several times before you catch everything that is being said. Nobody can concentrate on listening to everything in an audio book the first time through. Even with undivided attention, this is not possible.
  3. If you don’t feel like listening to the audio book, then don’t. This seems really obvious, but there is nothing worse than trying to force yourself to listen to an audio book. You will not comprehend any of it. Trust me. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.
  4. Try to remember a few key things and when you get to your destination, before leaving your vehicle, write them down. Capture those thoughts and ideas before they leave your mind.
  5. Odds are you are going to switch off the audio book at some point and come back to it. It probably goes without saying, but try to remember where you left off. If you can’t remember, then writing it down helps.

Maybe they’re common sense, but I can speak from experience that these few items if kept in mind will help your audio book listening experience while driving!